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Do I Need to Replace My Gutters?

Your gutters are a major component of your home’s health. Your gutters help divert rainwater from your roof to the ground, preventing water buildup on your roof. By diverting the water, your gutters also save your house from foundation issues. In this process, your gutters can become damaged from storms, experience moisture problems, or cannot bear the weight of debris such as leaves and twigs. While your gutters are meant to be durable and protect your roof for several years, they will not last forever. Keep reading to learn when you need to replace your gutters.

If your gutters are cracked

When your gutters crack, they are no longer able to do their primary job: divert water to the ground for proper runoff. Be sure to inspect your gutters and downspouts after a storm. If there are a few cracks, they may only need a small repair. However, if you have multiple cracks throughout your gutter system, you need to consider replacement.

Stress at the seams

Gutters are most vulnerable at the seams where two sections meet. Leaks and separations are most prone in these areas. The stress on the seams can cause several issues that could result in damage to the exterior of your home. If you notice several spots where there is stress at the gutter seams, you may want to opt for seamless gutters.

Your exterior paint is peeling

If the paint on the outside of your home is beginning to bubble and peel, that is a sign that the gutters are not functioning properly. Your gutters are meant to prevent water and debris running down the side of your home. If you notice a spot on the extortion paint, take a look at the nearest gutter. If there are several spots that have paint issues, you should consider replacing your gutters.

Your exterior wood is beginning to rot

Be sure to check your exterior wood trim, such as window sills and door frames, for rot in the case it has experienced water damage. Once your wood trim is damaged, it is unable to keep the weather out of your home. If wood trim is damaged and rotting on multiple spots of your exterior, you will want to look into replacing your gutters.

Mildew and mold begins growing in your home

Downspouts are meant to release the water several feet away from your home to prevent harming the foundation. If there is moisture accumulation in the foundation, there will be a smell of mildew growth. If after repairs the mildew growth persists, a gutter replacement may be your best option.

Your gutters are pulling away from your roof

If your gutters begin to pull away from your roof, they are not able to properly divert rainwater. You can use a hammer and fasteners to connect your gutters back to the roof. If it continues to occur, you need to consider a gutter replacement.

Your gutters are meant to protect your roof and the exterior of your home. If your gutters are no longer able to perform their job, you need to consider a gutter replacement.



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