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How to Stop a Leaking Roof In a Storm

While your roof may have been damaged already, a rainstorm can bring this damage to your attention. A leak that starts during a rain storm can quickly turn into a massive problem. Not only is your roof compromised, but your home is also now at risk of water damage from the leak. A surprise leak can be alarming. However, if you know how to stop a leaking roof in a storm, there’s no need to panic.

Protect Your Home

Now that you have spotted the leak, it’s time to start damage control. A leak could start from a light fixture or a heating register since it could be the path of least resistance for the water to go. You may also see spots from ceiling joints or corners of your ceilings. If the water has not begun to leak through your ceiling yet, you might see a bulge in your ceiling or drywall where a puddle of water is sitting. To prevent a massive hole from opening up, poke a hole in the middle of it with a bucket underneath. This will allow the water to drain in a more controlled environment, preventing damage to the inside of your home. In addition to the buckets, remove any furniture and rugs from that area, unplug and move any electronics to prevent an electrical fire, and put down towels or garbage bags to protect your floor.

Find The Source

The best way to stop the leak is to stop it at the source. Start by looking in your attic for any holes, gaps, or wet spots. Be sure to look throughout your attic since the leak you see inside your home may be in a different spot than where the water is coming in. If you do not see anything, the source may be on the exterior of your roof. To keep yourself safe, wait for roofing contractors to check out the outside of your roof themselves.

Check Your Home Insurance Policy

If your roof and home sustained significant damage from the storm, your home insurance policy may cover the repairs. Many insurance companies will cover the repair cost unless the damage was caused by gross negligence. A case of gross negligence would include if you knew about a roofing issue, avoided fixing it, and the roofing issue led to the storm damage.

Call A Roofing Contractor

Once the storm has passed, it’s time to call a roofing contractor for a roof inspection. Experienced roofing contractors will be able to turn your temporary fixes into a permanent solution. Premiere Roofing offers free roofing inspections to identify any points of concern with your roof, provide an estimate, and get started on the repairs. We can also work with your home insurance company to make sure your repair and claim process goes smoothly. Schedule your free roof inspection with Premiere Roofing today!


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