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Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

After owning your home for several years, you need to make sure your roof is still in good condition. Having a poor-quality roof can lead to many other issues inside your home. The two options are roof repair and roof replacement. You may only need a repair instead of a replacement, it fully depends on the extent of any damage and the condition of your roof. Continue reading to learn the differences between repairing and replacing your roof.

If your shingles have minor damage from strong winds or a severe storm, it can cause leaks that can damage the interior of the roof. If the leaks are left untreated, it can damage other parts of your home. Signs of needing a roof repair include several missing shingles, stains or water spots on your ceiling, and your home recently experienced a strong storm. Having your roof repaired in a timely manner can save you money, time, and stress.

If your roof has more extensive damage, replacement may be a better option, depending on your home insurance. Roof replacement includes removing all of the old materials and installing a brand-new roof. Signs of needing a roof replacement include several missing shingles, shingles not laying flat, having a roof over 15 years old, and if your neighbors are getting new roofs. Roof replacement can be a much more cost-effective decision.

To ultimately decide on whether you need a roof repair or a roof replacement, contact a professional to come out and evaluate your roof. At Premiere Roofing, our professionals will give options for what is best for you and your roof while leveraging your insurance as much as possible. We prioritize the education, communication, and care of our clients to make sure you and your roof are happy. With your roof being the first thing people see when they look at your house, Premiere Roofing wants to ensure your house makes a good first impression. To set up a free inspection, contact Premiere Roofing at: 404-477-4455


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